Hi my name is Rachel and I am studying environmental public health & biology at The Ohio State University. I intend to graduate in the spring of 2022. In the near future, I will be working on a conservation crew in Vermont. That being said, I am excited to take what I learn in this class with me to Vermont, as I will be camping in the great outdoors for nearly 7 weeks!

Coat of Arms – Explained: The coat of arms I created in class begins with a few symbols of things to describe myself and other things I enjoy. I drew a sun, mountains and trees with a rock climber, and oceans waves with a surfer. I enjoy spending time outdoors in various locations with various scenery. I also drew an airplane because I enjoy traveling and am always ready for an adventure. My last big trip was to Laos and Thailand and would love to go back to SE Asia someday to visit more countries there. Next, I indicated that I was born on the southern tip of New Jersey, but later moved to and grew up in Loveland, OH – a suburb of Cincinnati. Next, a motto that is very meaningful to me is “team human.” On an individual level, I feel that every person is equal to the person standing next to them and that everyone has the right to the pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, and health. On a larger level, I see this as a phrase as a way to remind myself of the good that we can do for each other and humanity when we work as a team. Lastly, as indicated above, I am studying environmental public health and biology. I am not exactly sure what my career aspirations are quite yet, but I hope I find something within this field that will keep me happy.

Fun Biographical Tidbits: Red River Gorge in Kentucky is one of my favorite places that I have been to hike, camp and rock climb. I do not have a favorite plant quite yet, but I am very interested in plants with medicinal purposes. I met someone on my trip to Laos who was very knowledgeable on the topic and I found it quite fascinating. I hope we get to learn a little about some medically useful plants in this class.